Why Should You Get Jetpack Premium?

If you are using Jetpack, you know the value it brings to the table with all of the tools you can turn off and on, depending on your needs. But Jetpack does offer some premium packages.

Besides all the great features you get with Jetpack, I just wanted to share with you why you might want to consider a Premium version for your site.

Daily Automated Backups

Although all paid subscription come with this, I cannot point our the importance of backups. And never doubt the advantage of a second backup on your site if you host already does them. It’s call insurance.

Unlimited Video CDN

If you use a lot of videos on your site, this will give you the high-speed content delivery that you need. It integrates with your post editor and library and offers statistics on video plays as  well.

Automated Malware Scanning & Security Fixes

This scanner constantly watches your site for code changes and attacks that you wouldn’t normally be aware. Or you can do an on-demand scan in case you think something might be wrong. You will be notified of threats and are provided detailed info on those as well as affected files. They also offer automated resolution for a large percent of known threats and if needed, their team will help you to fix any problems you may have outside of that scope.

SEO Preview Tools

There are several tools provided here including customizing how your content titles appear, reorder items like site name and tagline, customize meta descriptions, and see live previews of how your content will be displayed for Google, Facebook, Twitter and WordPress.com.

Google Analytics Integration

Easily set up Google Analytics with your site.


Get priority support and a session where you can chat with a Jetpack expert more about your needs and how to best use the plugin.

Ad Network Approval

An option with the WordPress.com advertising program that let’s you share in the profits by earning money when an ad is clicked on your site.

Accept Paypal Payments

Now it’s easy to set up Paypal payments for products or services you want to sell without having to add another eCommerce plugin. Great for anyone with just a few items or selling a service or two.

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  1. Jetpack is the best plugin ever because of its huge variety of features.

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