How to Improve the Results from Monetization of a Post

I talk about repurposing a lot on our site, and I also do it a lot. The reason being is that it plays a key role in the monetization of your site.

A post can be getting a lot of traffic but still not doing the job you want it to. You know that it’s getting click-throughs. For example, let’s say, take a post about a WordPress plugin, one that that does a specific thing. You find that even with all the traffic, it isn’t performing as you’d expect.

It could be that your landing page just isn’t selling it.

Maybe there is something with the tracking that isn’t working like it should.

Or it could be that the plugin itself just sucks.

Whatever the case, no matter the traffic, what is happening beyond your reach is not working. So what is the solution?

Take Advantage of Your Traffic and Test

Your first thought is usually to work on it as is. Try to buff it up. Maybe add a video. But often that isn’t the solution. You can try and try and try, and nothing changes. I know. I’ve been there.

On the other hand, you obviously wrote the post because you know this plugin is a decent product that will help your readers. But with all the plugins out there, chances are you know of another one that does something very similar and, well, it’s just as good if not better.

So replace the content and affiliate link and keep the post alive.

If you can find a replacement that you feel good about, and it will help your readers, then that’s a win-win situation.

Two Steps When Making The Transformation

You already have the product switch in mind. So make sure you do this:

1. Don’t Change Everything

Keep your title and permalink in place. Don’t mess with that, even when you redirect. Also, only change any SEO meta that might refer to the name of the product. The reason is it’s already showing up in the search engines; you don’t want to muck that up.

2. Make the Switch with Confidence

Does the title still make sense? If you have put the plugin name in the title, well, you are out of luck. Does all that other meta fit well with the new content? You don’t want to use any kind of bait-and-switch or deceitful headlines where your reader will feel tricked.

This Will Depend a Lot on the Post

With the example of a WordPress plugin, this may be easier said than done. But if you write a lot of reviews or posts about products, it may still work in your situation.

If you are monetizing your site and it plays an important role in the success of your business model, doing things like this are just a way to make sure your hard work continues to pay off. You just need to get a bit creative.

The key is to test. Keep that other post on the sidelines in case you want to bring it back. Watch those stats and commissions. If you do all this, you”ll find that sweet spot to help you monetize your post in a way that satisfies both yourself and your readers.

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